The shows/items that impressed, moved, entertained or captivated me most on BBC local radio, week ending 1 July 2016

  1. BBC Coventry & Warwickshire – Vic Minett is full of bonhomie but is also reduced to tears as she broadcasts live from Albert in northern France. Historians Graham McKechnie and Jon Cooksey guide her in the footsteps of Warwickshire soldiers involved in the Battle of the Somme and the graveyards where thousands of men were buried. The story of Warwickshire bike painter Joseph Turton Cleaver affects her most – “It’s like I can see him, It’s like I know him” – especially when one of his descendants phones in (Tuesday 0900)
  2. BBC Radio Cornwall – David White features Glastonbury set songs by Elbow, Marcus McCoan, Coldplay/Barry Gibb and ELO and talks to Elbow frontman Guy Garvey about Brexit (“a terrible thing”) and being more “frivolous”. Plus: Mandie Fletcher, the director of the Absolutely Fabulous film, John Craven on Countryfile Live, Bobby Wilson, the son of Jackie, and no-nonsense Neil Warnock on England’s Euro 2016 humiliation against Iceland (Tuesday 0900)
  3. BBC Somerset – Jack Murley tells the unlikely, heartwarming story of how a Gay Pride event was staged in the small town of Midsomer Norton, once a mining community prone to homophobia. Characters involved in the documentary include Yevol Ladies footballer Ann-Marie, drag star Cheddar Gorgeous, the rainbow-suited mayor and the brilliant organisers (Saturday 0600)
  4. BBC Radio York – Jonathan Cowap broadcasts live from Albert in France to mark the Battle of the Somme, with interviewees including ancestors who those involved, historian Jon Cooksey, the mayor and the proprietor of the the Old Blighty tea room. The stories of war heroes from Yorkshire include Donald Bell, a Starbeck teacher and Bradford Park Avenue footballer, who won the Victoria Cross for his bravery (Monday 0930)
  5. BBC Radio Cambridgeshire – Dotty McLeod’s breakfast show is full of quality: a very interesting interview with historian Dr Sean Lang about the history of “Great” Britain and a lively Brexit discussion with squabbling Tories and a rabidly anti-left UKIP MEP; Johnny Dee does an Andy Murray impression to talk tennis with the very game chairman of Wimblington tennis club and he visits a farmer bemoaning terrible asparagus crop. Plus: Labour crisis; Euro 2016; Peterborough’s heritage festival (Monday 0600)
  6. BBC Somerset – Claire Carter marks the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme broadcasting live from the Yeovilton air arm memorial church, including a poignant half-hour remembrance service, interviews with the RAF base commander, chaplain and one of the helicopter pilots and with the grandson of a Somerset soldier (Friday 0630)
  7. BBC Radio Manchester – Alison Butterworth and Phil Trow include the story of Phil’s great grandad Harry Withers who died on first day of the Battle of the Somme and Haigh vicar Simon Pritchard telling the story of one of his predecessors who lost his four sons in the first world war; Michelle Adamson visits Silverbirch Close in Horwich, bedecked in Euro 2016 flags, where a “pretty shocked” Louis, six, gives a wonderful description of the key moments of England’s defeat. Plus: Brexit fallout, Labour crisis, Mystery Voice quiz (Tuesday 0600)
  8. BBC Radio Bristol – excellent guests for Richard Lewis: Richard Madeley talks about writing and writers and Charlie Dore talks about Pilot Of The Airwaves, Harry Nilsson (“he was a thirst boy”) and acting and plays Looking Like My Mother Acting Like My Dad and Lion Tamer with guitarist Julian Littman (Thursday 1400)
  9. BBC Radio Leeds – Nick Ahad features acoustic singer Ryan Hopwood, who performs his own song Onsra and covers Crazy Little Thing Called Love. Plus: Nick’s bus driver mum on her way to the alternative Christmas in Hebden Bridge, antiques, Clare Nasir’s “jokes”, Brian Blessed (Saturday 0900)
  10. BBC Three Counties Radio – one of BBC local radio’s most brilliant music presenters, Justin Dealey, launches the 70s hour of his new Sunday Jukebox with George Benson, Van McCoy and the Knack before one of his Decade Definers voxpops with a Leighton Buzzard woman choosing The Wonder Of You by Elvis. Later: Ballroom Blitz by the best band ever, the Sweet (Sunday 1005)
  11. BBC Radio Sheffield – excellent World War One at Home item from Kate Linderholm on the use in military hospitals of sphagnum moss to heal wounded soldiers (Thursday 1149)
  12. BBC Somerset – Ben McGrail marks the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme, including listeners’ stories on their links; an interview with local archaeologist Andrew Tizzard about the western front war memorials; Vernon Harwood telling the story of a Somerset soldier who sucked the dew from his great coat to stay alive; and Alex O’Loughlin reporting on A Kiss Card From Walter, a play staged by the Chard Local Kids Society for Music and Drama (Friday 0900)
  13. BBC Radio Shropshire – infectious laughter from Jim Hawkins as John, a caller during a discussion on technology, tells brilliantly a story involving Barbara Dickson, Elaine Paige, Judith Durham and a car with no CD player (Friday 0942)
  14. BBC Surrey – it’s Helping Hands Day on the station and reporters are spending the day assisting charities and voluntary organisations. Allison Ferns links with some of them including Ben Weisz at Princess Marina House, a hotel for ex-services personnel; Peter Stewart at a Farnham studio where a talking newspaper for the blind is recorded; and Clare Cowan at a Guildford children’s hospice. (Thursday noon)
  15. BBC Radio Leicester – Jonathan Lampon has lots of items about history including an historical tour of Market Harborough with Dr Ron Holden providing great snippets of information, memories of the drought of 1976 from the Met Office’s John Hammond and local weather enthusiast Phil Morrish and 50 years of the credit card. Plus: Wimbledon, Time Of Your Life from 1989 (Monday 1000)
  16. BBC Essex – Mark Punter talks to electronics engineer Terry Bateman from the Rega turntable firm in Essex. Plus: Intense Records in Chelmsford, the Vinyl Voice quiz, 10cc, Radiohead, Led Zeppelin, Kylie & Dannii, Bing and Grace, Boney M (El Lute and Gotta Go Home, no less), Public Service Broadcasting, Liverpool Express (no, not THAT track), Sue Nicholls (Sunday noon)
  17. BBC Wiltshire – Abigail Mobbs meets Jason Regler, the Westbury man behind the Coldplay wristband lighting effects at Glastonbury, and reveals a very interesting story (Tuesday 1430)
  18. BBC Three Counties Radio – Nick Coffer has three excellent guest slots featuring Kevin Coghlan talking about his son Jackson, eight, whose vision is badly impaired by Leber congenital amaurosis; Andy Chesham, owner of Luton record shop Vinyl Revelations, discusses Bob Marley, the Kinks, Little Eva, the Magic Kids etc; Andy Chesham, owner of Luton record shop Vinyl Revelations, goat noises and live music from the country duo Holloway Road provide goat noises and live music (Monday noon)
  19. BBC Radio Solent – Sarah Bassett hears songs and stories from historian Janet Keet-Black about the New Forest Romany travellers who fought in the first world war in an excellent World War One at Home report (Thursday 1137)
  20. BBC Radio Gloucestershire – Kate Clark walks very quietly and very slowly in a wood near Calcot Manor with wildlife film maker Fergus Beeley as he teaches her how to watch and tune into wildlife. Plus: World War One at Home: the story of the Lumberjills who took jobs in Gloucestershire’s timber industry during first world war; NFU on Brexit, Battle of the Somme (Sunday 0900)
  21. BBC Radio Sheffield – Paulette Edwards focuses on class divisions with an interview with the National Centre for Social Research, an Andy Kershaw voxpop and listener views; she talks to Roy Smith who has published his grandfather’s wartime/Battle of the Somme diaries; the My Life So Far guest is Eye Of The Tiger-loving comedian Steff Todd (Thursday 1000)
  22. BBC Wiltshire – Ben Prater takes to the streets of Corsham with a Jeremy Corbyn-supporting Labour activist to listen to the public’s concerns about the party; Rebecca Rooney reports live from Salisbury cathedral on the “wildlife soap opera” starring its peregrine falcon family; World War One at Home: the story of Trowbridge mills that made uniforms for soldiers (Wednesday 0630)
  23. BBC Radio Suffolk – Stephen Foster talks to drummer Carmine Appice about Do You Think I’m Sexy? during the Pop Goes The 70s segment of his show where the music ranges from Showaddywaddy to Barclay James Harvest. Plus: Ian Snowball, author of a new book on Keith Moon, selects two Jam tracks (including Thick As Thieves) and one by Richard Ashcroft in The First, The Last, My Everything slot; Women’s Aid Centre; go-karting, Songwriter of the Month: Bruce Springsteen (Sunday 0900)
  24. BBC Radio Gloucestershire – Faye Hatcher enters a “strange looking tent” at Gloucester’s Nature In Art gallery where a Bee Bonanza is being held. Plus: hairloss advice, Armed Forces Day, the Battle of the Somme, Cotswold Show preview, Cheltenham arts, Skoda Yeti test drive (Saturday 0900)
  25. BBC Radio Leicester – Jim Davis and Jo Hayward cover the Battle of the Somme commemorations including Helen McCarthy reporting from an event in Bottesford, Ushma Mistry meeting Leicester schoolchildren learning about the war, archive audio and interviews. Plus: Graham Wright visits the village of Thrussington, the latest in a series in which the station’s staff choose their favourite places, and the Jim Versus Jo Challenge: making ice cream in Loughborough (Friday 0600)
  26. BBC Radio Cambridgeshire – Joanna Eden (“a modern Karen Carpenter”, according to an impressed listener) plays live and talks about her foot injury, her music teacher, teaching Sam Smith etc with Jeremy Sallis who also talks to historian Dr Sean Lang about the Battle of the Somme (Thursday noon)
  27. BBC Radio Bristol – “What’s Michael Gove got on him?” asks political editor Paul Barltrop as he talks to Laura Rawlings about Boris Johnson’s decision not to fight for the Tory leadership. Plus: Dave Harvey reports on an airline pilot who helps pass on aviation industry safety procedures to the NHS; Ask The Expert: opera composer Richard Barnard on opera (Thursday 1600)
  28. BBC Radio Gloucestershire – Dominic Cotter interviews Barnaby Eaton-Jones about his audio version of Robin of Sherwood and Col Tony Singer of the armed forces charity SSAFA; on the Great Gloucestershire Road Trip, Manpreet Mellhi finds out the history of the lido in Cheltenham (Thursday noon) 
  29. BBC Radio Lancashire – Sean McGinty and John Clayton’s FNAT rocks (as usual) with George Thorogood and the Destroyers, Baby Metal, Weezer, Dinosaur Junior, among the highlights (Friday 2200) 
  30. BBC Essex – John Leech launches a new feature, Big Five, showcasing “fresh and funky soul songs”, beginning with tracks by Garcia, Kindred Soul Family, Hannah White, Tony Monrelle and Doggett Brothers. Plus: George Benson interview, four from Luther Vandross, Motown remix (Sunday 1600) 

Features of Thursday night’s shows 

  • Paul Miller (South) features the Where In The World quiz, the Bag quiz, the papers, dedications and listeners’ suggestions of movies or TV shows they would erase from their memory so they could enjoy them afresh.
  • Dan Chisholm (West) features the album of the week by ABC, Ballroom Blitz to mark Andy Scott’s birthday, the Half Hour Quiz, I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight in the I Haven’t Heard That In Ages slot and Peoples’ Playlist suggestions of songs suitable for remembering the war.
  • Nick Risby (East) features the register of listeners, the quiz, a Fab Five chosen by a listener, Guess the No 1, the Facebook Favourite vote (Genesis beat Supertramp) and the Musical Walk of Fame.
  • David Sheppard (South West) Stories At Bedtime about weird people who’ve sat next to you, two soul duets in Sheppard’s Big Ones, Three Thwartingly Difficult Questions and The Long Song slot.
  • Graham Torrington (Midlands) asks what has made you happy this month, plus Graham’s Mystery Voice, Midnight Love Songs and the After Eleven guest: Jamie Rogers who set up a service aimed at removing the stigma of asking for help.
  • Ian Timms (Cumbria) features the Thingummybob quiz, Top of The Pops from 1977 and 1985, Three Degrees of Separation, the Fourplay quiz, Haunted Jukebox from 94 and The Playlist with songs on the theme of trees.
  • Ross Dickinson, sitting in for Russell Walker, (North) features the Where In The World quiz, Situation Soundtrack with songs about animated characters, Half Hour Of Power (mystery year) and Midnight Moment (three love songs).
  • Allan Beswick (Manchester, Lancashire) takes calls on Boris Johnson. (“presumably he didn’t want the press looking through the undergrowth of his past”), Michael Gove (“he’s never short of a back to stab”), Labour, Brexit, racism and charity calls after playing the comedy record of the night, by George Formby.
  • Linda McDermott (Merseyside) talks to her panel of guests about the Battle of the Somme and war poetry.
  • Gary Philipson, sitting in for Paddy MacDee (Newcastle, Tees), has three main phone-in topics: extreme measures to look good, odd mementoes and when has sleep caused you problems?

    Snapshots from the week … 

      • BBC Radio Berkshire 
      • World War One at Home: historian Janice Hunter talks about Operation Gramophone which prepared Wokingham for German invasion (Monday 1010) 
      • Anne Diamond talks about the history of tennis with Elizabeth Wilson, the author of Love Game (Monday 1205)
      • Bill Buckley’s wellbeing panel – a nutritional therapist and a motivational speaker – discuss butter, sunscreen, chronic pain (Thursday 1408)
      • BBC Radio Bristol 
      • World War One at War: Mark Miller from DIY SOS visits the site of Yate prisoner camp where prisoners created the town’s industrial area (Monday 1035) 
      • after Last Train To Clarksville (the morning’s Noteworthy quiz song), John Darvall begins an extended interview with Hayley, who lost 11 stone – about half her weight (Monday 1110)
      • Emma Britton leads on Liam Fox’s probable run for Tory leader talking to political reporter Pete Simson and Caroline Densley, who is canvassing views in Clevedon (Wednesday 0706)
      • Caroline Densley visits a veterans’ breakfast club (Wednesday 0726)
      • World War One at Home: stories of men named on the Downend high street memorial (Wednesday 0755)
      • BBC Radio Cambridgeshire 
      • Paul Stainton asks for listeners for good news as he attempts a Tuesday Cheer-Up but possibly jeopardises it by also asking: what would you ban? and should we rein in spending on the royal family (Tuesday 0905)
      • BBC Radio Cornwall 
      • Donna Birrell talks to Tim Thornton, the bishop of Truro, on the healing process following Brexit (Sunday 0710)
      • James Churchfield and Pam Spriggs, who are talking to Cornwall’s Tory MPs throughout the programme, get analysis on the leadership campaigns from Paul Rowley in Westminster including a Fox-Hunt joke (Monday 0741)
      • Laurence Reed introduces his phone-in which is tackling disabled parking, the Chasewater traffic row and the political mess after Brexit, plus there’s a chance to question a knee surgeon (Thursday 1203)
      • BBC Coventry & Warwickshire 
      • Justine Greene talks to singer Graham J about how he coped when his partner Declan took his own life and plays several of his tracks including a wonderful cover of Nick Cave’s Into Your Arms (Sunday 0720)
      • Richard Williams is getting reaction to Brexit with visits to two farms for the Trish Adudu and Jo Tidman breakfast show, starting at Home Farm near Aston where the owner fears the consequences (Wednesday 0710)
      • BBC Radio Cumbria 
      • Kevin Fernihough is joined in the studio by Janet of Carlisle Yoga who has interesting things to say about stress and relaxation (Monday 1010) 
      • the week’s Life Stories guest, Don McCutcheon, talks about growing up on a farm and joining the army (Monday 1110)
      • Caroline Robertson broadcasts live from Albert in northern France as it prepares for the Battle of the Somme commemorations and finds out from historian Jules Wooding about the role of the the Border Regiment (1444)
      • Mike Zeller features Belinda Artingstoll reporting from the Somme on Cumbrian soldiers and Neil Smith on Walney Island where military archaeologists are at work (Wednesday 0720)
      • Sara Dumbell reports from Carlisle market hall on the impact of Brexit on the special protection for Cumberland sausages (Wednesday 0750)
      • Gordon Swindlehurst talks to Nicky Weller about curating the Jam exhibition (Friday 1244) 
      • BBC Radio Derby 
      • World War One at Home: Kelly Smith tells the story of the hospital for injured soldiers in Belper’s stately home Strutt House (Monday 1415) 
      • Andy Potter goes heron watching with wildlife expert Imogen at Trent Lock (Monday 1515)
      • Jonathan Baker reports for the Iain Skye show on the planned demolition of Ripley Hippodrome (Wednesday 0707)
      • Martyn Williams meets an Etwall farmer recalling the summer of 1976 (Wednesday 0716)
      • Alex Howick finds out about oxygen masks for pets at Alfreton fire station (Wednesday 0740)
      • World War One at Home: Derbyshire musician Lester Simpson on his album inspired by a family story (Wednesday 0745)
      • Andy Potter visits Belper to talk about its Battle of the Somme commemorations (Friday 1417)
      • BBC Radio Devon 
      • Matt Woodley and Pippa Quelch talk about playing Manic Monday on a Monday and whether listeners remember Izal toilet roll and starlings (Monday 1640)
      • Janet Kipling asks: should Jeremy Corbyn stay or go? on her phone-in and talks to Exeter MP Ben Bradshaw who wants the Labour leader to resign. The programme also addresses smoking in cars containing children and changing rooms without mirrors (Wednesday 1307)
      • Simon Bates claims Jeremy Corbyn is deranged (!) as he discusses the party leadership battles with Westminster correspondent Paul Rowley, before he interviews a professor about school recruitment/retention problems (Thursday 0803)
      • BBC Radio Guernsey 
      • Kay Langlois leads with the controversy over the possibility of abandoning plans to scrap the 11-plus exam (Monday 1708)
      • History Of Our Islands: Jenny Kendall-Tobias gets, as she correctly claims, “an engaging and detailed history” of Saumerez Park from Lord Eric de Saumerez (Tuesday 1109)
      • BBC Hereford & Worcester 
      • Tunisia shooting survivor Owen Richards and his mother talk about the loss of three members of their family in the terrorist attack and their Smile For Joel charity (Monday 0750)  
      • Mappa Mundi, Mott the Hoople, Elgar and Ellie Goulding get a mention as Nicola Goodwood comes up with names to support Hereford’s bid to become UK city of culture in 2021 (Monday 1640) 
      • World War One at Home: the men from the Worcestershire village of Areley Kings killed in the Battle of the Somme (Monday 1735)
      • BBC Radio Humberside 
      • an impressively well informed Andy Comfort commentates with soaring enthusiasm as “Britain’s finest”, the Red Arrows, stage an armed forces day display over Cleethorpes (Saturday noon)
      • James Piekos visits a Cleethorpes B&B, talking to the owners about Armed Forces Weekend – “it was wild … the busiest weekend we’ve ever experienced” (Monday 0820) 
      • Amanda White talks to Lithuanian man Solis about racism after the Brexit vote as David Burns tackles the topic throughout his show (Thursday 0914)
      • David Burns talks to taxi driver Andrew, who has a higher IQ than Einstein and believes in diction resolution therapy (Thursday 1048)
      • BBC Radio Kent 
      • John Warnett and Maggie Doyle have an enjoyable chat with the Icelandic ambassador Thordur Oskarsson (“what a nice man”) about the Euro 2016 game with England, the lack of a McDonald’s in Iceland, puffins and elves (Monday 0730) 
      • World War One at Home: the 1915 explosion on the minelayer HMS Princess Irene off Sheerness, with the loss of 352 lives (Monday 0745)
      • Dominic King interviews Luke Delaney, the London policeman who became a crime writer (Thursday 1617)
      • All About Soap editor Johnny Hughes rounds up the latest plots including Peggy’s funeral (Thursday 1651)
      • Westminster correspondent Alan Soady conveys the drama of Boris Johnson’s withdrawal from the Tory leadership race (Thursday 1745)
      • BBC Radio Lancashire 
      • Graham Liver – who is broadcasting live from Croston on a day when all the station’s shows are coming from towns hit by the Boxing Day floods – talks to former spin doctor Alastair Campbell about the Brexit fallout (Monday 0710) 
      • Graham Liver broadcasts live from Thiepval where the international commemorations of the Battle of the Somme are being held. Moving moments include Bruce from Hornby talking about his dad Edgar who joined up at 17 and suffered severe injuries (Thursday 0705)
      • Gary Hickson examines the impact of Brexit on higher education in Lancashire, talking to the University of Central Lancashire’s vice chancellor and a student from Bulgaria (Thursday 1721)
      • BBC Radio Leeds 
      • Richard Stead gets Battle of the Somme stories from callers including Anne whose father survived being bayoneted in the stomach (Monday 0940)
      • Charles Heslett is dispatched to Iceland in Wakefield to talk to customers about the Euro 2016 game with England (Monday 1025)
      • Liz Green leads with the opening of the cycling superhighway between Leeds and Bradford featuring listener reaction (lots of complaints which are later put to the West Yorkshire combined authority) and reports from the route by Peg Alexander and Charles Heslett (Thursday 0709)
      • Tim Daley continues a series separating Battle of the Somme fact from myth (Thursday 0723)
      • Gayle Lofthouse plays Lionel Richie, asks for stories of when you’ve been lost and previews her quiz in which listeners have to guess the film being described by her mother (Thursday 1510)
      • BBC Radio Leicester
      • Ben Jackson’s in-depth interview is with Chris Knifton, a De Montfort University lecturer in dementia (Thursday 1512)
      • political editor Tim Parker analyses the Boris Johnson bombshell plus there’s a voxpop (“He’s a buffoon,” says one Leicester woman. “He’s a rat deserting the sinking ship,” says another) (Thursday 1712)
      • BBC Radio Lincolnshire 
      • Melvyn Prior’s Solid Gold Saturday begins with the Beach Boys and Sailor before he asks listeners for requests from, and stories about, 1974 (Saturday 1205)
      • Chris Berrow promises Brexit won’t be broached as he introduces the Lunch Bunch panel, who turn out to be exuberant as they discuss the Lincolnshire cathedral poppies, rollercoasters, Adele’s swearing and their music choices (Monday 1305) 
      • the California Feetwarmers play a session for Chris Berrow, with a sousaphone among their instruments (Monday 1405)
      • BBC Radio Manchester 
      • Stephanie Hirst begins Nothing But The 90s with Blur’s Charmless Man and plays a diverse selection including Jam & Spoon, Mercury Rev and Jason Donovan before ending on Britney Spears’ Baby One More Time (Saturday 2200)
      • historian Michael Steadman tells the story of two railway workers in the Manchester Regiment who were executed for desertion at the Battle of the Somme (1535) 
      • Sam Walker’s regular music expert Liam Walsh introduces her to Christine and the Queens (Thursday 1547)
      • the day’s political bombshells analysed by political correspondent Kevin Fitzpatrick (Thursday 1708)
      • BBC Radio Merseyside 
      • Tony Snell talks to political reporter Claire Hamilton who has the local angle on the Labour party crisis (Tuesday 0709) 
      • a military historian tells the story of Cheshire Bantams who fought in the Battle of the Somme (Tuesday 0727)
      • Sean Styles talks to historian Ken Pye about the toad doctor and other medical eccentricities in the 19th century (Thursday 1033)
      • World War One at Home: the treatment of shell shock (Thursday 1131)
      • Kat Boyden reports from Ellesmere Port where the canal is being drained and locks opened to public for a few days (Thursday 1653) 
      • Will Batchelor, standing in at drivetime, talks to political reporter Claire Hamilton about the “imploding” Labour party and the day’s Tory shocks (Thursday 1702)
      • BBC Newcastle 
      • Alfie Joey and Charlie Charlton talk to political reporter Fergus Hewison and Kevin Maguire of the Mirror about the Labour party crisis (Tuesday 0808) 
      • “your bootylicious reporter” Anthony Day live from the Stadium of Light as Beyoncé comes to Sunderland (Tuesday 0850) 
      • Jo Lonsdale tells the story of the unarmed pipers with the Tyneside Scottish regiment at the Battle of the Somme (Tuesday 0828)
      • album chart-topping Rick Astley talks to Simon Logan (Tuesday 1426) 
      • Anna Foster talks to Mark Thorley who has won a Diana Award (and his mum) for fundraising since he was six years old (Friday 1016)
      • Anna Foster talks to the English Collective of Prostitutes, the Changing Lives charity and listeners about recommended changes to prostitution laws (Friday 1110)
      • BBC Radio Norfolk
      • “EU membership has been fantastic for us … we’ve just thrown it all away” – Shorelands wildlife garden owner Ben Potterton talks to Wally Webb about Brexit (Saturday 0740) 
      • “Potentially it’s quite exciting” – the station’s “resident farmer” David Jones reacts to Brexit on David Whiteley’s breakfast show (Saturday 0810)
      • Keith Greentree plays tracks by Kevin Barry and the Jeff Gallant Band who are playing the Rodeo Norfolk stage at the Royal Norfolk Show (Saturday 1050)
      • Thordis Fridriksson and her three convivial Garden Party guests chat happily about the rain – until one of them reveals his cockatiel drowned (Saturday 1205)
      • Nick Conrad leads with an examination of the impact on the county’s scientific community of the Brexit fallout (Tuesday 0810) 
      • Norfolk band Morganway play live and chat to Stephen Bumfrey (Friday 1512)
      • Stephen Bumfrey is amused by Gyles Brandreth as they talk about his Word Power show and words such as twerk, geezer, bamboozle (Friday 1534)
      • Paul Hayes talks to reporter Andrew Turner about increased expenses for Great Yarmouth councillors (Friday 1713)
      • Paul Hayes talks to a councillor about the future of Norwich market – “it’s an icon”(Friday 1736)
      • BBC Radio Northampton 
      • Tom Percival joins travelling Morris men visiting Northamptonshire village pubs in an item for Kevin Saddington’s breakfast show (Saturday 0720)
      • Stuart Linnell leads with Carroll Weston reporting on the skills crisis in the construction industry and meeting apprentices in Corby (Tuesday 0708)
      • Stuart Linnell ends by playing Embarrassment by Madness to reflect “the nonsense that we saw last night” – England’s Euro 2016 humiliation (Tuesday 0855)
      • Bernie Keith has fun with makeup expert Jules Osmany as they discuss summer skin care (Thursday 1009) 
      • BBC Radio Nottingham 
      • Mark Dennison reveals that Terry And June was the answer to the morning’s TV theme quiz, plays Mike Batt’s Summertime City and talks to the organiser of the Cycle Live festival in Nottingham (Saturday 0810) 
      • political reporter Peter Saull reports on “the disconnect between Westminster and the rest of the country” from Ashfield (Tuesday 0705) 
      • Andy Whittaker and Sarah Julian talk to Westminster correspondent Paul Rowley about Brexit, the Tory leadership (he’s tipping Theresa May) and Labour crisis (Tuesday 0738) 
      • Marcus Alton reports on plans for an eco expressway in Nottingham (Tuesday 0750)
      • BBC Radio Oxford 
      • Ali Jones plays Chain Reaction by Diana Ross, meets Oxford Science Festival speaker Kyle Grant who is researching crop growing on Mars and introduces a Smartphone Safari on the European nightjar on her breakfast show (Saturday 0820)
      • Will Gompertz gets an insight into the law and forensic science from barrister Karen Squibb-Williams. Plus: Radiohead covers, Cultivate food co-op, Sunday papers (Sunday 1010)
      • BBC Radio Sheffield 
      • Toby Foster gets sharp analysis from Westminster wonder Paul Rowley on the market turmoil, David Cameron’s failure, doubts about Boris Johnson’s chances and the Labour Party crisis (Monday 0709)
      • Howard Pressman talks to the Sheffield company behind the turf technology at Wimbledon (Thursday 1652)
      • Howard Pressman covers the jailing of a Barnsley man for conning his building firm customers (Thursday 1725)
      • BBC Radio Shropshire 
      • George Michael features on Ryan Kennedy’s show in the Two From One at One slot, and we’re informed that he is now 53 years old (Saturday 1305)
      • Genevieve Tudor visits a primary school where pupils have been growing Tim Peake’s seeds from space (Monday 0720) 
      • financial expert Ed Marshall brings clarity to the Brexit implications as he answers questions from Clare Ashford and Eric Smith (Monday 0805)
      • Colin Young plays You’re So Vain, reads the latest listener reminiscences about the drought of 1976 and plays the day’s Singer Not The Song clip (a cover of Daytripper) before Coldplay’s Up & Up (Monday 1340)
      • Jim Hawkins visits the Enable organisation which is finding jobs for people, including former soldiers with mental health needs (Friday 1109)
      • BBC Radio Solent 
      • Alun Newman reports from Airbus HQ in Portsmouth where staff are working on enormous satellites (Thursday 1109)
      • Sasha Twining interviews Robert Hardy (“I’m well over 90 now and doing very little”) and fellow actor James Murray about their Winchester Winston Churchill show (Thursday 1213)
      • Louise Hannan leads on the story of a controversial health trust chief who has kept her job despite a row over the investigation of patient deaths, with health correspondent David Fenton (Thursday 1704)
      • Julian Clegg links up with Dominic Blake reporting live from the Royal Hampshire Regiment Museum in Winchester on the Battle of the Somme commemorations (Friday 0706)
      • BBC Somerset 
      • Brexit reaction from Frome livestock market (they’re happy) and a remain-supporting Tory MP (she’s not) feature on Simon Parkin’s breakfast show. Plus: Glastonbury, Blackdown Hills area of outstanding natural beauty, the Any Other Business panel (Saturday 0805)
      • Charlie Taylor reveals he is wearing Wellington boots and shorts as he opens his morning show live from the mud of Glastonbury (Saturday 1005)
      • BBC Radio Stoke 
      • James Watt interviews “rock’n’roll royalty” – John Illsley of Dire Straits (Wednesday 1324)
      • Pete Morgan leads on Brexit-fuelled racism with Phil McCann reporting from Crewe (a mixed picture) before interviewing a rather dry professor (Thursday 0709)
      • Educating Peter slot: John Acres is at a Great Haywood primary school where the pupils (including Alex, nine, who likes “watching YouTube and going to bed”) ask Pete Morgan five very tough questions about what they are learning. “Let’s beat Pete,” they chant. They do; but he gets two right (Thursday 0841)
      • Perry Spiller and Liz Ellis play Lionel Richie, announce its Free For All Friday on the phone-in and play Sister Sledge (Friday 1008)
      • BBC Radio Suffolk 
      • the Venga Boys get a (thankfully) rare outing on BBC local radio as Mark Murphy talks about Ibiza, Menorca and Majorca in his Holiday Destinations slot (1010)
      • Luke Deal reports live from the launch of the Pigs Gone Wild trail of 69 sculptures in Ipswich (Monday 1050)
      • Luke Deal reports from the revamped Cock Inn in Little Thurlow which is reopening as a community pub (Thursday 0753)
      • Etholle George leads with interviews about school recruitment/retention problems (Thursday 0807)
      • in between tracks by the B52s and Blondie to mark the birthdays of Fred Schneider and Debbie Harry, James Hazell breezily rounds up events on this day in history from the Battle of the Somme to the sale of Tracey Emin’s My Bed (Friday 1209)
      • BBC Surrey/Sussex
      • Mark Carter talks to Marty Wilde and Mike Berry about Joe Meek, Larry Parnes, dead Are You Being Served? stars, Cliff Richard’s ordeal (“it’s a wonder he’s alive”) etc sandwiched between Teenager In Love and Sunshine Of Your Smile (Sunday 1525)
      • World War One at War: Brian Capron narrates the rather curious story of the development of the new town of Peacehaven on Danny Pike’s show (Monday 1040)
      • BBC Surrey
      • Kathryn Langley’s local theatre slot features the Barn theatre in Oxted (Friday 1742)
      • BBC Sussex 
      • Neil Pringle asks for calls on reasons to support the Welsh football team and leads on racism after Brexit with interviews and voxpops (Friday 0709)
      • Sarah Gorrell conducts interviews about local events linked to the Battle of the Somme anniversary (Friday 1708)
      • BBC Tees 
      • Paul Gough recalls ex-Boro boss Malcolm Allison on Yarm high street chewing on his cigar during the Time Of Our Lives feature in between tracks by Booker Newberry III and Flash and the Pan (Saturday 1210)
      • between Shake It Off and Baby Can I Hold You, Mike Parr continues taking calls on Brexit. Not-quite-on-the-ball Leave voter Barry rings in to say: “I don’t think David Cameron actually wanted to come out of Europe.” (Monday 1020) 
      • Bob Fischer is joined by Uncle Harry for a couple of hours of amusing musing (mainly on annoying habits), interspersed with an interview with Bobby Ball about appearing in The Dressing Room, described as a playriety show, and music from Cannon and Ball and Stu Francis (Tuesday 1405)
      • BBC Three Counties Radio 
      • Merab Salamashvili from Stevenage’s Old Vodka (via Georgia) brings in samples of his grandfather’s recipe for Sally Riceman on her afternoon show that also includes singer Joe McElderry, actress Louise Jameson, sports trainer Nathan Rush and Buckinghamshire band Salt (Saturday 1605)
      • Jonathan Vernon Smith holds a phone-in on Nigel Farage and sets up a confrontation between David, with well reasoned arguments, and Emily, who says immigration is out of control but she is the furthest you can get from a racist (Wednesday 0951)
      • Two Consumer Hour successes, heralded by the JVS horn, as gripes over Ted’s shower and Nicola’s games console are resolved (Wednesday 1150) 
      • Andy Collins invites calls on policing plans, the new Bedford bridge and general annoyances in the Thursday Rant before talking to the police about phone scams aimed at older people (Thursday 0804)
      • Jonathan Wilkes, Michelle Heaton, Jess Conrad and Jayne Torvill tell Andy Collins about their favourite superhero as he stumbles upon them at the star-studded Eugenius premiere at the London Palladium (Thursday 0818)
      • BBC Wiltshire 
      • Graham Seaman begins a week-long series of reports from a visit to a Wiltshire primary school where pupils are taught outdoor skills (Monday 1230)
      • Afternoon at the Museum: Emma Colman finds out about Bruce the Swindon dog and his charity collection box (Tuesday 1450)
      • World War One at Home: Ashley Heath on the military airfield built near Stonehenge (Tuesday 1510)
      • Ramblers Anonymous: Marie Lennon joins walkers on Marlborough Downs (Tuesday 1526)
      • BBC WM 
      • Danny Kelly’s phone-in has only found Brexit supporters showing no remorse (and, in some cases, no proper grasp of the issues) and Daz Hale, reporting live from Dudley market, finds no remain supporters, either (Monday 0940)
      • Paul Franks leads on “the Conservative carve up and carnage”, talking to Mark Coles in Westminster (Thursday 1706)
      • BBC Radio York 
      • Julia Lewis counts down the 10 favourite gardens she has visited during her three years presenting the Sunday show, with clips from her reports (Sunday 1110)
      • Neil Foster reports from York Minster on preparations for the Mystery Plays (Monday 1415, 1440)
      • tracks by Diana Krall and Cassandra Wilson feature as Anna Wallace talks to Ian Chalk in the weekly jazz scene update (Monday 1535)
      • Jules Bellerby talks to researchers about the shrinking hole in the ozone layer (Friday 1646) 
      • Jules Bellerby talks to reporter Emily Unia and historian Graham McKechnie at the Battle of the Somme commemorations in France (Friday 1705)